Backing Off From The Group

Today was one of those runs where I had to force myself to Slow The F down.  To relax.  To do what my body wanted me to do.  To not try to keep up with the group.  To do my own thing.  I’ve said that one of my goals/challenges with this training will be to not get caught up in the “pressure” to run fast with the group.  Today I had to put on the brakes and remind myself that The Big Goal (i.e. speedy-fast-marathon) is more important than keeping up with my running group.

We ran 15 miles.  At a decent pace.  Ended up 8:06 average pace.  With one lap around Lake Harriet (about 2.7 miles) at goal marathon pace.  SO – the run, generally, felt ok to me.  But, honestly, I felt a  little tired and like on the “easier” (i.e. non-goal marathon pace miles) miles, I should be going easier than the group was going.  So I DID slow down – near the end.  And I would have been content running by myself (and probably getting lost and making it a much longer run).  But I ended up running with another woman who is new to the group and having a great conversation with her.  And I ended up feeling better about the run – because I did my own thing instead of getting swept up with the fasties for the whole run (which is fun, but which ultimately doesn’t pay off for my race times if I go too crazy fast in training).


Need recovery strategy?  I officially have the perfect mix down:  1 warm Epsom salt bath; 2 large glasses of red wine; then 2XU compression sleeves on the calves.  Perfect.  🙂

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