My New Addiction

Hey baby won’t you look my way, I can be your new addiction . . .”

Such a catchy tune by Neon Trees.  Anyone else blare the radio when this song comes on?  Love it.  Just downloaded it to my iTunes.

So, hearing this song tonight gave me inspiration for a blog post about MY new addiction.  Any guesses?

I look dorky, but the helmet’s got pink, so it’s all good!


A friend emailed me earlier this week and said he figured out why I must be addicted to cycling now, and sent me this link to (almost) Naked Cycling on the 4th.  Youch.  If I hurt from riding now with my jumbo padded shorts, I’m thinking cycling in the undies wouldn’t feel so good.  So, no, that’s not why it’s my new addiction.

So why the new addiction then?

  • Exploring unchartered (by me) areas.  In the past month I’ve seen exciting towns that I never even knew existed (and which look like they have fun little dive bars): Carver.  East Union.  Cologne.   Who knew?
  • I love having a secondary form of exercise.  Life craziness has been stressing me out lately (I’ll spare you the details.  You’re welcome.).   And there have been countless times lately where I feel like I NEED to run.   But when I already ran the miles that I was scheduled to run for training, it would be unwise (i.e. a recipe for injury) for me to run again.  So now when I need a stress release, I’ve been hopping on the bike and riding away the stress.  And it’s been working.
  • I have a fun, knowledgeable bike friend who has been ultra-patient with me.  (And who buys me PINK bike tools!) 🙂
  • But, mostly, I’m becoming addicted to biking because of the way that my running legs feel because of biking.  They feel strong and fast and GOOD when I run.  And I have to think it’s in large part due to all the miles I’ve been racking up on the bike.  I never knew specifically, until I googled it, which muscles biking actually uses/strengthens.  Turns out it’s the muscles that complement the running muscles.  Runners: hamstrings and front of calves.  Bikers: Quads and calves.  (I know both sports use more muscles, including hips, glutes, etc. But I’m over simplifying here.  Google it and  you can see exactly how each different muscle is used in cycling and running.  I’m too lazy to go back and find the articles and link them here.  Plus, do any of my 5 blog readers really care??).  My point is:  My legs feel better rounded and basically just feel frickin’ fantanstic! 🙂

Cyling Legs:  So much sexier than running legs 🙂

Running legs:  muscles, but so spindly looking!

Gonna attempt the first 50 mile ride on Sunday.  Wheeeee!

5 thoughts on “My New Addiction

  1. That is awesome. I wish I could embrace cycling like you do, but I can’t. Maybe I can live vicariously through you. FWIW I think both cycling legs and running legs are pretty darn sexy (including both of those photos posted)!

  2. Scott deVillers

    There is no dark side. As a matter of fact, it’s all dark 😉

    Cindi get’s the best of both running & cycling attributes for the ideal package: Strong & sexy legs!

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