Giving Thanks on the 4th

Me and Meg – Firecracker races in Excelsior

Things I’m thankful for on this Independence Day:

  • That the kids and I are strong and healthy and able to celebrate 4th of July.  Even though they weren’t with me for most of the day, it was great to see them for a bit this morning!
  • That Meghan woke up early to run at the same event I was running.  So fun to go to races with her!  She looked so strong and happy finishing the 2 mile.
  • That my 5k was strong.  I raced smart.  It was 85 and sunny and crazy humid, so instead of trying to PR, I adjusted my pace for the heat.  I think on a good, perfect weather day I could run about a 6:45 pace.  Since it was crazy hot, my goal was 7:15.  I ended up with 22:51, with splits 7:19, 7:17; 7:25 and then the finishing kick at 6:36.  Very pleased with the effort!
  • That I was able to bike 28 hot sweaty miles (UNDERSTATEMENT!  It was 100 degrees, with a feels like of 106 degrees!).  Crazy hot day.  We had planned on 50+ miles but decided to cut it short and go eat and drink instead.  Much better plan!
  • Asparagus. 🙂
  • Finally being independent.

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