Welcome Back, Garmin 305!

The impossible has happened.

My Garmin 305 has gotten even uglier than it already was.  (Note the new ugly velcro strap)

Ignore the old-lady veins.  I have issues.


Ugly and awkward!

But ugly or not, I am SO happy to have my 305 back in my life.  It was gone for two days (one of them a rest day) and I almost got the shakes from data withdrawal. 🙂

The buckle part broke on Sunday.  (Yes, I almost started crying when I had to do my 400’s without capturing my data on Monday.  Running nerd, I know.  I have a Motoactv – which I got FREE and will blog about soon, but I haven’t figured out how to do laps on it.  Anyone know how?)

Anyway, I LOVE my 305.  I love all the data it gives me.  And now that I’m back on a kick of recording my heart rate data, I love it even more.  So I was, literally, prepared to go buy a new one somewhere on Monday night.  But a little bit of internet research and I figured out that for like $15.00 I could get a new strap, complete with a kit that would help me install it.

I have to say, I am VERY impressed with myself that I was actually able to figure out how to remove the old strap and install the new one.  Although it did take me about 45 minutes (maybe because I was distracted by my pre-race fuel a/k/a Summit beer?)   Big thanks to this dude’s blog that I found on google and which calmed me down when I initially couldn’t figure out how to remove (and then how to insert) the pins.

So now I can run again. 🙂

One thought on “Welcome Back, Garmin 305!

  1. i love that velcro strap. i was in between holes on the original strap so now my garmin doesn’t slide around or cut off my circulation when i run! i, too, was impressed with figuring out how to put it together.

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