Monday Morning with Meg!

Today’s group workout was THE BEST I’ve had in a long time.  Not because of the workout itself (although 8 x 400 meters IS a fun workout, in a sick sort of way).  But because of the special company that I had on the workout.  My 14 year old daughter and her friend decided to come.  At 5:30 a.m.  On a Monday.  During their summer vacation.  Because they are on a 10 day hiatus from their cross country two-a-day practices.  And they wanted to run before it got crazy hot.

Wonder where she gets her over-zealous, ultra ambitious drive from??? 🙂

It was so impressive, to me, that they came to the workout in the first place.  But then to have Meg do ALL 8 of the 400 meter repeats right along with us was just so inspiring.  I was so proud to have her there with me.  She rocks!

And Meg’s a good lunch date too! 

The 400’s themselves felt so good.  Perhaps a bit too fast if you listen to the tables of what my training paces SHOULD be.  But, I’m ok with it because I was pretty consistent on them (1:26 – 1:31, with the 8th one being the fastest at 1:26) and because I didn’t feel like they were too hard.  For reference, my 400m repeat pace last year was 1:35 – 1:40ish.

The best part about today was having the ear of a person who has become a good friend to me for the past year help me work through some stuff that needed working through.  I feel lucky to have him as a friend.


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