Chicago Marathon Training, Week #2 recap

Chicago Marathon training, week #2 recap:

  • Miles run: 48.9
  • Miles biked: 97.2  (new record!)
  • Core: 6 days (woot!)
  • pilates: 1 times
  • Strength:  random push ups and hill work

The details:

  • M: 6.8 miles (8:14; w/ 4 x. .25 mile hill repeats); 23 miles biking
  • T: 9 miles (8:16)
  • W: 7 miles (7:54; w/ HR zone speed stuff)
  • Th: 6 miles (9:40); pilates; 6 miles biking
  • F: 5.5 miles (8:57; w/ 4 x 10 second hill bursts);24.2 miles biking;
  • Sa: 10.5 miles (7:55); 15.5 miles biking
  • Su: Brick workout!: 2.2 miles (8:40)/28.5 miles biking (hilly!)/2 miles (8:20)

97 days til race day!


This week quality workouts returned, instead of just slow recovery running.  I love me some quality runs – it wasn’t true interval work yet – mostly just timed bursts of speed which were done in certain zones.  I was also careful to make sure and do some easy running too though on the non-quality days.

Notice what’s missing, even though I swore I would stick with it?  Strength.  Ugggg.  Just couldn’t get to the gym to lift weights.  I did do random push-ups and hill sprints, so I feel ok about the strength portion, but not great.

Although, speaking of strength, I think my legs are getting stronger from all this biking.  Did you you notice my new record mileage on biking this week??  Almost 100 miles!  I have to say, I am REALLY liking the biking thing.  I love that I now have a secondary from of exercise that is (relatively) convenient for me to do right from home and that isn’t hard on my running legs.

I had some extra time this morning so decided to try my first ever brick workout.  I am a total run/bike nerd.  I set up my own transition area in the garage, then took off and did 2.2 miles running, 28.5 miles biking (hilly) and 2 miles running.  With the transitions (which were slow) and having to stop in Watertown to pull out my phone and look on the map to find the best way home, I was done in 2:31:36.  I actually felt stronger on the bike after I ran – is that weird?  But then when I did the running miles after the bike, my legs felt like jello for about 1/4 mile and then just felt weird the whole 2 miles.  (I FELT like I looked funny running and like my form was bad, but my speed was actually good, right when I got off the bike my legs wanted to go 7:40, but I forced myself to slow down because we have a sort of hard track workout tomorrow and I ran hard yesterday).   It was SUCH a rush to do this workout – I loved it!  Bonus that it was 80 degrees and sunny when I did it.  I swear I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in my life.  I sort of felt like a bad ass finishing this workout. 🙂 Good times.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training, Week #2 recap

  1. I find strength training so boring and have a hard time getting a routine going, too. To build some strength I’ve started biking and swimming (preparing for a sprint tri). I already notice that I am not feeling the usual twinges in my hamstrings and knees as I was before.

  2. Nice work! Glad you are enjoying the biking! How long did it take you to get used to the seat? That is something that really bugs me (soreness post cycling). Also – awesome paces. I really don’t understand why your races aren’t so much faster when you consistently train at such quick paces. Hopefully you’ll get there in Chicago!

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