Running (and living) by feel

You all know I am Type-A to the extreme.  I over think.  I over analyze.  I worry.  I wonder.  And I try to be in control of processes and outcomes.

Today in running I did none of those things.  I ran our long run (which at this point so early in the training cycle is only 10.5 miles) with the fasties.  If I had been my normal over-thinking, over-analyzing self, I would have worried about running the first 4 miles in 75 degrees and sun at a 7:35 – 7:40ish pace.  But I was relaxed.  I went with the flow.  I did what I wanted to do, instead of what my mind and the running know-it-alls would say I should do.  And then when I started to tire, I let the fasties go ahead of me a bit (but still kept them in sight), because that’s what felt right.   When I finished the run (10.5 miles,  7:56 avg), just a few steps behind the fasties, I felt good.  I felt strong.  And things felt right.  It was a great feeling to have.

Today in life stuff, I also stopped analyzing.  Stopped overthinking.  Stopped worrying.  Stopped wondering.  And just relaxed and went with what felt right.  And I felt good.  Things felt right.  And it was a great feeling to have.

Meg & me on our Lulu shopping excursion today!

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