Friday Funnies

Funny searches that led people to my blog this week:

  • im not stalking i’m just looking around and shit  (Me either; I don’t stalk anyone, especially not semi-famous runner/authors)
  • nude run 2012 (it IS kind of hot lately and the clothes do add so much extra heat)
  • where to go running from the law  (although I’m a lawyer, this isn’t legal advice:  but I would recommend not doing a google search on where to run from the law because my guess is the authorities are probably gonna confiscate your computer once you go missing.  Common sense, people.)
  • marathon training coaches twin cities (This one isn’t funny, but I will use this opportunity to give a shout out to my coach, who I highly recommend, Coach MB)
  • biking is so much more fun than running (It is fun, but definitely not as much fun as running and alot more dangerous too)
  • “i’m shrinking” height  (me too; I used to be 5’7″‘, now I’m closer to 5’6″.  WTF?)
  • grandma fuck marathon  (must be my F-bomb count from previous grandma’s marathons that led people to my blog with this search!)

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