Not 13 miles.  13 years.

That’s how old my baby, Carter, turned today.   It was such an up and down day for me.  I took the day off work and took Carter and a buddy to Valley Fair, and that was great.  But then when it was time to bring him back to his dad’s, I was filled with such a crazy mix of emotions – sadness, anger, disappointment and regret, all rolled up into one overwhelming package that made me want to do only one thing:  Run.  So even though it was 90 degrees and sunny and I was “supposed to” be taking a rest day, I laced up my shoes and ran.  And kept on running.  And it was just what I needed.

Carter  – age 2 1/2 – I love this picture.  One of my favorite quotes:  “The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child”

Now my baby is a teenager AND he’s almost taller than me!

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