Biking 101

I took a Biking 101 class that was offered for free by the place I bought my bike.   I went with Shannon, a girl from the running group who also bought a new bike and needed to learn the basics.

Things I learned:

  • How to take the front and back wheel off the bike (which would be necessary to fix a flat; to put the bike in certain vehicles, though luckily it fits in mine w/o needing to remove a wheel; not really sure why else I’d need to know this, but if I do, I’m all set!)
  • How to change a flat tire!
  • Shifting the gears.  We did lots of practice watching the gears shift while our bikes were up in the air on racks.  It was good for me to see what actually happens when I shift, and to learn more about when to use the various gears and the big/small ring, because this stuff confuses me!  Biking is complicated.
Wheel off!  Success! (Dressed  in going out clothes, not biking clothes!)
 Shannon absorbing all the good info!
Putting the tube back in, post flat!

Things I know:

  • That unless I practice all this stuff, I’m going to forget it.
  • That since I’ll likely forget all this stuff, if I get a flat tire I’m going to go with my original plan:  have whoever I’m riding with deal with it.  If I’m riding by myself call someone and beg them to come and help me.  If that doesn’t work, sit down on the ground and cry until someone stops to help me!

The best part of the evening was wine/appetizers/dessert and good conversation with Shannon afterwards!

We’d like to take all of them!

But we’re in marathon training, so just one dessert will have to do!

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