Enjoy the Journey (a/k/a chill the F out)

Today I was reminded of something that I know, but that us Type-A people forget:  Sometimes the journey can be far more fun than the destination.

So true.  Someone reminded me of this with respect to my life stuff, because I’ve been uncertain and impatient and wanting answers, wanting to know how things are going to turn out, instead of just chilling the fuck out (sorry mom) and taking things day-by-day, minute-by-minute.

When I was reminded of this in the context of my life stuff, it occurred to me (as it so often does) that life stuff also applies to running:  Sometimes the journey can be far more fun than the destination.  So true with respect to marathons and training for them.  Really, when I look back at my 9 marathons, there have only been 2 that have been great races for me:  Twin Cities Marathon 2010 (where I truly found that second gear that you so often hear about, but rarely find) and Twin Cities Marathon 2011 (where I got 2 1/2 minutes under my BQ time).  The rest of the marathons have sucked, relatively speaking (in that I had race day blow ups and didn’t come anywhere close to meeting my goals/expectations/hopes).

But even with sucky marathons, it has been all good.  Because for each of the marathons it was the journey – the hard work during training – that I loved and that was fun for me.  During each journey/training cycle, I start at one fitness level and take my body so much further than I would have thought possible.  I watch the paces decrease and the fitness increase.  I watch my mental game sharpen.  Lately – with the past 2 marathon training cycles where I’ve trained with groups – I have developed new friendships that mean SO much to me.  I love the training, more than the race.  I love the journey, more than the destination.  I love, love, love marathon training.  Really.  SO much.

But it’s still hard, with marathons and with life, for Type-A people like me not to focus on the race/destination and worry and wonder about the what-ifs and the how-comes and the should-I’s or shouldn’t-I’s and about how things will turn out.

So do me a favor?  If you catch me worrying about the destination, remind me to chill the fuck out and enjoy the journey.

7 thoughts on “Enjoy the Journey (a/k/a chill the F out)

  1. Great reminder. I’m really struggling to get any kind of running form back. The last couple months I’ve run less than some off weeks from just 1 year ago. I just need to stop pressuring myself and enjoy the runs and stop fretting about totals and pace and they will come back.

  2. Hi Bin, I hear ya ….. I need to do the same …..am constantly questioning & what if’s etc. came across old box of notes we wrote each other in like 9th grade at west high school…….sooooo funny you should see the stuff we were worried about back then 🙂

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