Friday Night Craziness

Is it just me or is the table super fun to look at and analyze? 🙂  I KNOW there are other run nerds out there who love plugging their data into Daniels Training Table and figuring out training paces, predicted finish times at various races, projected impact of temps over 60 degrees, projected impact of weight on finishing time, etc.

Tell me my Friday night isn’t super exciting. 🙂

In other exciting run news, I guess July is going to be the month of the 10k.  I signed up for a 10k on 4th of July AND a local, inaugural one on July 14th.  Stay tuned!

Perhaps the most exciting news of the week is that when I went to the local deli for lunch where I normally get this (after a big sandwhich and chips):

Brownie the size of my hand (and an inch thick)

I instead got this (which lasted me 2 days!):

I’m a focused, dedicated woman so far with this training!  Don’t worry, I haven’t gone cold turkey though – I’ve still been eating 4 – 6 Dove Dark Chocolate squares a day.  Baby steps.

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Craziness

    1. Mindi – it’s a spreadsheet that my friend Adam gave me years ago. You input your best race time for whatever difference, your age, weight, max HR, etc. and it spits out lots of cool numbers. I’ll email it to your work email. 🙂

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