Thursday Thoughts: Summer Edition

Bomb Pops = Summer!

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • The hardest part of Chicago training this week is forcing myself to make time for “the extras”: core, pilates, weights.  I’m trying to look at them as beneficial/necessary for me to have a great marathon, instead of thinking of them as a PITA.  Hoping to see changes to the body soon, which will hopefully encourage me to stick with them because right now they DO feel like a PITA.
  • Anyone read my post comments in multiple posts and notice that my bestieshave confirmed I’m a stalker and are probably going to be filing for an HRO against me are now basically my personal coaches and so I’m sure their speediness and training smarts will rub off on me and I’ll become ultra-speedy?
  • It is so much easier recovering from a half marathon than a marathon!  The legs feel great.  Maybe that means I should have run harder??  I’m still making this week be an easy week, with all the runs at recovery pace.  No speedy stuff til next week.
  • I’m trying to decide on a 4th of July race.  Options:  5k, 10k, half marathon.  Anyone have thoughts on what would be best for me (3 weeks into my 16 week marathon training program).  I’m leaning towards the 10k, mostly because they give away red-white-blue bomb pops after the race and I love bomb pops.  But I’m open to suggestions.  Any locals doing races, which ones?
  • Someone did a search for “sappy blog” today and landed on my blog!  Note to self:  be less sappy with my Deep Thoughts blog posts.

Happy Thursday!  Happy Summer!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Summer Edition

  1. Dory Spence

    Dad and I planning to be in St Paul for the 4th so hope you pick some where close to there!! We come and cheer!

  2. 10K. Impressive you are already healed. A hard half usually takes me a good 5-7 days to fully feel recovered from (probably more to *actually* recover).

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