Marathon Training: Diet Changes

I blogged generally about changes that I plan on making training for Chicago and CIM.  One of those changes is to my diet and drinking.  As some of you know, I have a little bit of a sweet tooth.

Top 5 reasons I know my sugar intake is excessive:

  • More food and beverage searches than running searches land people on my blog.  Examples from the past 30 days that have landed people here:  “dairy queen reese’s blizzard” (god, I love those things!) “rainbow sprinkles”  (ice cream and donuts with rainbow sprinkles on them make me SO happy!) “rolo cookies”  (BEST EVER!) and “marathon beer” (yes please!)
  • When I take a picture of chocolate cake and try to save it as “cake” on my computer, there is already a “cake” photo saved.  And a “cake 2”.  And a “cake 3”.  And more
  • I don’t consider Dove dark chocolate squares a treat.  I consider them an antioxidant rich snack.
  • When I texted a friend a picture of my pre-grandma’s half carb loading (a beer), his response was “Why isn’t there a hunk of chocolate cake next to that beer?”
  • I regularly eat brownies the size of my hand.

So I KNOW some changes are necessary.  But I love sweets too much to cut them out, so in the sweets arena, I’ll just be cutting back to “normal” size portions, 1 blizzard a day (I’ve had two-a-day, people!), and just generally being in control (you know, not eating a dozen rolo cookies at a time, which I’ve also been known to do!).

An easy change that I started making this week and that I can live with is breakfast.  For ages I’ve been getting something from caribou with my black coffee (a scone or muffin, typically).  Caribou switched all their baked goods about 6 months ago and I don’t even like them anymore.  I’ve just been eating them because they are easy.  So out they go.  I replaced them this week with something from home each morning – cereal/milk or eggs or toast w/ PB and honey.  And I already fill full longer each morning and just generally better.

Any other easy changes for me?  Keeping in mind I hate cooking, so it needs to be easy!

Besides making the changes because I think they will fuel my body better for workouts and racing, I am making them to get down to my ideal race weight, which is a 116 (about 5 pounds lighter than I am now).  I said it before, but I’ll say it again, Mom and  you non-runners, don’t start freaking out on me.  I KNOW I’m not overweight, but race weight is a different thing.  I just looked at this fancy Daniels spreadsheet I have where you input your height and weight and best marathon time and it does a predictor about what your time you would run at certain weights.  Well, I did that with my grandma’s half time from this weekend and it said if I had weighed 116 instead of 121 (which I’m guessing is what I weigh now), I would have had a 1:35:56. 3 minutes faster!

Anyone know how accurate those predictors are for weight fluctuation?  Seems like an easy way to shave off some time.  Also would explain why most of the elite runners have not one single ounce of fat on them (and for sure never eat brownies the size of their hands).  Although I will say that after Grandma’s this weekend we were at a party where most of the elite local racers were and I was SHOCKED that they were “normal” and eating crap food like pigs and drinking like fishes.  I guess they figure after a goal race they are entitled to a day/night off.  Was actually refreshing to see!

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Diet Changes

  1. Someone told me 2 seconds/lb/mile. So 5 lbs would be 10 seconds per mile. Over the course of a half marathon, that’d be 2:10. Not too far off from your 3:00 figure.

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