Running The Edge Presentation Recap

I know you’ve been on the edge of your seats waiting for me to blog about my besties’ talk at Grandma’s marathon expo on Friday.  Wait no more.

I was so excited to see that Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano were on the schedule of speakers at the expo, talking about their book Running the Edge.  As you will recall, I LOVED their book.   In fact, I have purchased three copies of the book!*

Their talk was inspirational.  They started off with a quote that I loved, and was perfect with my recent post about how to get from Point A to Point B and all my planning lately about how I am ultra-motivated to achieve Big Things.  The quote:  “Yesterday I was chasing the person I am today.  Today I am chasing the person I hope to be tomorrow.”  So  perfect because my Big Goal seems crazy to me at times, but when I look back to my running 5 – 6 years ago, I never thought I’d run more than 10 miles, let alone run for 3 hours and 42 minutes straight!  I also love this quote for my post-divorce life stuff because, as my readers know, I’m constantly chasing this new person that I hope to be (and am,  finally, becoming).

Their presentation was about how to Bridge the Gap between where you are and where you want to be.  (And that was basically what their book was about too).  They presented with a mix of talking, providing advice and reading snippits/stories from the book.  The passages they read were about a “normal” runner that Tim coached in highschool, Adam’s qualifying race for the 2000 (I think) Olympics, and Tim’s cross country team’s Naked Death Quest (guarantee typing that is gonna bring some psychos interesting people to my blog who search Naked Death Quest).  The biggest take-away that I had from this part was the whole making your goal public thing.  I think this is so helpful and motivating to say it out loud and make it public.  Doing so forces you to not (very easily anyway) back down.

Their arms LOOK like runner arms. 🙂

Adam reading about his qualifying race for the Olympics

Tim reading about Naked Death Quest

The secondary part of their presentation was about how NOT to cross the line between Tough and Stupid.  I think I’m good on this.  Actually probably TOO good and that may be why I haven’t been a great (relatively speaking) runner yet.  I am conservative with my running and back off before even getting close to the stupid line.  I was talking about this with someone recently – when we were talking about a friend who has basically been injured since Boston of 2011 and so she can’t even run now.  I told my friend running is WAY too important to me, so I felt like I would never let myself get to that point where I hurt myself that bad (she ran Boston through some major pain, which I get – maybe – if you are an elite.  But really, when you are a “normal” runner, is it worth it??).  Anyway – part of my plan this time around is to man up and push through tough runs and races more (like I just did at Grandma’s half where I finally had a great race), to be less afraid/more tough, but not to cross the line into stupid because running means too much to me.

Seeing Adam and Tim talk was inspiring.  Just what I needed before race day.  It reminded me to put their book back up to towards the top of my reading list because the first read through I loved it and decided to go back through and work on the things they talk about (it’s sort of like a take-action book, not just one you read, although you could; you will get more out of it if you take action and apply their principles/theories to your running and your life).  So now all I need is some extra hours in the day to read!

*Not because I’m a stalker, although they ARE good looking, charming and funny – and therefore very stalkable.  But because I first bought a hard copy of the book, then liked it so much that I wanted it on my kindle so that I could read it again whenever I had spare time (I keep my kindle with me in my purse so I can read when I get 5 extra minutes).  Well I loaned my hard copy out to a friend and haven’t gotten it back. So since I thought it would be creepy to go to a book signing and not have them sign a book and only take their picture like a starry-eyed fan, I bought another copy so my cover wouldn’t be blown. 🙂

Posting this picture again, just because I like it. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Running The Edge Presentation Recap

  1. Cindi,

    Love the bolg, thanks for the props! We enjoyed meeting you and we’re so glad you enjoyed the presentation. More importantly we couldn’t be more pumped for you running your goal time, HUGE congrats!
    Thanks for being our number on “stalker” or rather “bestie”! Hope to see you again sometime soon. Keep us in the loop on what’s next, all the best!


    1. Thanks Adam! You are very inspirational – can’t wait to have some free time to re-read the book and apply the principles that you guys wrote about to my running (and life!)

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