Let Your Heart Guide You (a/k/a F the Naysayers)

I’ve blogged recently about my Big Goal.  And I’ve blogged about Saying It Out Loud and how motivating that was for me for Grandma’s half.  But I haven’t really said my Big Goal out loud to anyone yet.  Because it’s Big and I feel like people will just be negative about it and bring me down.  And even though it’s Big and a stretch right now, in my heart – and my head, actually – I believe it’s achievable.  Maybe not at Chicago.  Maybe not at CIM.   Maybe not at Boston.  Maybe not even next year.  But I’ll do it.  I know I will.*

So, when Chicago training kicked off yesterday I posted my Big Goal on my mirror, as a way to motivate and encourage myself.  And so far the only two people who have seen it are my kids.  And both of them – even my 12 year old son who knows next to nothing about running – doubted me (until I almost started crying when they did, then they changed their tune – probably because they were worried I’d ground them if they continued the negativity).  And I just know if I made my goal public now, even blog followers and runners would question me.  So I was feeling bad about this.  And then guess what I did?  Drum roll . . .

Prize to the blog reader that said, “Why, I bet Cindi opened up her daily meditation book and it told her her answer”  (God, am I becoming predictable or what??  And is it CRAZY that the book always gives me the answers?  Or am I just looking for meaning in the entry no matter what it says?)

Photo to show you I’m not making this up again:

So there’s my answer.  “Go back to your heart.  It will always lead you home.”**

So, F what the nay-sayers say.  Go with what my heart says (within reason of course, my goal isn’t a sub 3 hour marathon, that’s just frickin nuts).  And I know in my heart that my Big Goal isn’t out of reach.

* But really, I do think it will happen soon. 🙂 I just do.

** I also TOTALLY needed this passage today for other life issues that I’m struggling with, but I’ll spare you the details.  You’re welcome.

8 thoughts on “Let Your Heart Guide You (a/k/a F the Naysayers)

  1. Tim Catalano

    It sounds like you are well on your way to achieving your goal. Remember to close the gap slowly. As long as you are in progress and moving in the right direction, you will get there!

    Now look who is stalking who!

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  3. Mint

    Ha – I was actually thinking about you this morning and the fact that you kept talking about a big goal and the importance of announcing the big goal, but yet never announcing it. So, I will ask, what is it? [BTW, I don’t think you have ANY naysayers here.] Lay it out there. And go get it. I think you can do it too. And I selfishly hope it is in Chicago. Maybe we can celebrate with some beer and chocolate post race. 🙂

    1. I know that sort of seems like a contradiction to say Say It Out Loud and then not actually say it out loud! 🙂 But I’m still just wrapping my head around it and waiting to see how the training progresses to make sure it’s really a possibility and not just a pipe dream. Though even if it’s a pipe dream for Chicago or CIM, I’ll still throw it out there. SO – soon, I’ll say it out loud. Now as I’m typing this I’m rethinking and I’ll probably say it out loud sooner than later. Because, really, why not have my dream broadcast to my 5 readers? 🙂 Stay tuned.

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