The Official Make-Fun-of-Cindi Post

I think it’s important that people be able to make fun of themselves.  So, with that, I present you with photos from this weekend’s 5k (which are too awful for me to order, and I can’t lift them from the site, so these are taken by taking a picture of the picture, with my cell, so crappy shots made extra crappy):

I call this one “Cindi looking like death”.  I look like I’m praying for the race to end.  And what is with my vericose vein hands??  I look like I’m 80 years old.  Did I mention that I hate 5ks?  (And I’m carrying my water bottle because it was hot and I didn’t care about my time, wasn’t really RACING it).

And look at this interesting photo:

I call this one “Cindi’s 3rd boob” because there is a pocket in this Lulu tank that I think must be for carrying Gu, and I used it for my key fab, so you can see the rectangle outline of my key fab which makes it look like an odd shaped 3rd boob. 🙂  

So, on to the really exciting stuff to make fun of myself about.  Cycling.  A friend of mine was commenting to me this week about how maybe I run instead of cycle because I’m uncoordinated.  I guess maybe he was right.  Because tonight I fell off my bike.  Again.  Last time it was in the parking lot of Lifetime in front of just my run coach.  This time I was lucky enough to be on the Dakota Rail Trail right where it is in site of WRA softball field, which was packed with spectators and players.  Lucky me.  I had taken a drink from my water bottle (Lesson learned:  I can’t drink and ride) and somehow managed to drop the water bottle.  Well, I wanted the water bottle, so I decided to stop and go back for it.  And forgot that I was clipped in. 🙂 By the time I remembered that I needed to unclip, I was able to do it, but then for some reason it clipped right back in.  Weird.  So I was basically at a standstill and quickly unclipped my right foot, but not quick enough to put the foot down and so I tipped over to my left.  So now my left elbow will be scarred like my right elbow is:

So there I am, bleeding on the trail in front of the whole baseball field full of people.  And I realize that my chain has fallen off.  And I have no idea how the F to get it back on.  I tried. And all that I accomplished was getting full of black grease.

I debated sitting down on the trail and crying until someone took pity on me and helped.  But I was too hungry and needed a beer in the worst way, so I started walking home (1.5 miles from home).  Thank goodness a runner stopped and asked me what my deal was and she knew how to put the chain back on for me.  I do have to admit though that I was scared to get back on the bike after she fixed it for me.  I very tentatively coasted home (at like 9 mph).

This cycling stuff is dangerous when you are a clutz like I am!

12 thoughts on “The Official Make-Fun-of-Cindi Post

  1. This self-deprecating post is no good. You look great. And I won’t comment on the hands because mine look the same way. But dang girl, look at your strong arms! Third boob? Nope, looks like a key fob. Alrighty, now that we have that cleared up…. 🙂

  2. cswenke

    Did someone say third boob?

    Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you took some notes on redoing your chain. I would hate to see you 30/40 miles from home and crying on a county road hoping a farmer would drive by. Also do you carry a spare tube and do you know how to replace it? Worth the time to learn for it happens to all ridders sometime or another.

    Take Care,

  3. It might just be worth it for you to take a class at REI or such on bike maintenance. You’re going to come across things you’re going to need to fix on the road (flat tires is the biggest one) and will want to be able to do it on your own.

    Don’t worry about the coordination thing because I don’t have much and somehow mountain biking agrees with me. Everyone has trouble with clipless pedals for awhile.

    Good luck on the biking and hope to run into you in Duluth. Are you bringing your bike?

  4. Thanks for the concern, all. 🙂 I am taking some sort of maintenance class at the end of June. This biking stuff is very complicated. So much easier just to throw on running shoes and run . . .

  5. Lee Buescher

    I am glad you are OK after the bike ride. Nothing worse than falling in front of a group of people. You will never see them again anyway. 🙂

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