Throw Back Day

Today felt like a throw back day for me.

My run was a throw back to my first year of marathon training, because I used my heart rate monitor – which I haven’t done in ages.  I’d been chatting with a couple different people lately about training zones and how my recovery runs should probably be slower.  So I figured I’d see what the HRM said.  Sure enough, although it is a huge improvement over when I was doing the LHR running 4 years ago, I was a bit surprised at the slowness of the numbers.  I’ve been doing most of my recovery runs at about 9:10 – 9:20 pace.  I would have thought that  pace 9:15ish would be LHR (for me 143).  But today to keep my avg HR at 143 my pace was 9:34.  Not way off, but a bit.  Although I know with the LHR running it is affected by SO many variables, including sleep and red wine (which I had too little of and too much of last night).  So I’ll keep wearing the HRM for my easy runs this week and monitor it and see where things are at.

For the numbers geeks out there, here is the data:

June 12, 2008:
1-10:17 (140)
2-10:24 (146)
3-10:37 (147)
410:29 (145)
June 11, 2012:
1 – 9:13 (139)
2  9:42 (144)
3 – 9:40 (141)
4 – 9:43 (147)

The other throw back today was going to happy hour with a friend from my old neighborhood who we used to hang out with all the time.  We were great friends with her and her husband, and went on a cruise with them about 8 years ago and then last Fall went to wine country with them.  Picture of us last fall (jeez, I look so different with the blond hair):

It’s funny (but not) how couple friends lose touch after the couple splits apart.  Anyway, I haven’t seen my friend since before the divorce.  It was SO good to catch up with her tonight – we had so much fun gossiping, talking about the kids (ours are pretty much same age) and just talking about life.  Very fun.

It was also good to have red wine and chocolate cake.

And yes, my red wine is all gone. 🙂

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