Sappy Blog Post

Ok, if you don’t want to read a bunch of sappy cheesiness, then I suggest you just move on. If you do, then continue reading. 🙂

This week has been the best.  I feel like my life is really full and moving in a positive direction and somehow more complete.  I have had lunch and happy hour with a couple awesome women, who were just acquaintences really, but who reached out to me and who ended up being SO fun and interesting and inspirational and good for me.  I also had a fabulous morning on Saturday: running a 5k with a friend (OK, the 5k itself sucked since it was in 75 degrees and sun, but the whole running with a friend thing made it so much better) and then cheering on the others from our running group who were doing the half marathon and drinking beer with them (at 10:00 a.m. – always fun!) in the sun afterwards.  Good times.   And to top the week off, I biked TONS (for me) with a new friend.  We were going to do 15 easy miles and it was so much fun we ended up with 32.5 miles with some fun hills mixed in.  Then biked 20 more the next day.  I definitely still love running more, but I can see why people love the biking thing.  You get so much further, faster.  And you stop for ice cream mid-ride. 🙂

So – the cheesiness part: Meg said it best when I was telling her about my week.  She said, “I wish I could meet new people like you are mom”.  I DO feel lucky to have had such a great week of meeting new friends and getting to know existing friends better.  For most of the past 8 months I have felt empty, but now I see hope and like these new relationships are/will fill a void that needed filling.

End sappy/cheesiness. 🙂


On to the running stuff:

Grandma’s Half Training, week ?? recap:

Miles run: 37.3

Miles biked: 63.8 (record week for me!)

Pilates:  zero.  uggggg.


  • M: 7 hilly miles (7:51)
  • T: 4 miles (9:19)
  • W: 6.15 miles (8:21) w/ 4 x 1000m (4:27; 4:24; 4:19; 4:11); bike 11.3 miles
  • Th: 11.8 miles (8:28)
  • F: rest day
  • Sa: 5k (22:45) plus about 5 miles w/u, c/d; bike 32.5 miles
  • Su: 20 miles biking (with ice cream break!)

Super excited for the weekend to get here!  I feel really excited to finally run a race of some substance.  These 5ks just aren’t cutting it for me.

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