Random Thursday Thoughts

Yes, I know it’s only Wednesday when I’m publishing this, but most of my 5 readers are probably already asleep and won’t read this til Thursday, so we’re good.  Random Wednesday Thoughts just doesn’t sound that cool.

  • I am SO excited to start training for Fall marathons (Chicago!  and California International Marathon!).  I’m working on some exciting tweaks to my training.  Let’s just say I am very very motivated this time around! 🙂
  • I am also super excited for Grandma’s Half Marathon next weekend.  Not the race so much as the post-race fun, which Shawn assures me is shaping up to be very fun. 🙂
  • Good life stuff happening.  🙂
  • Anyone else jealous of my daughter’s cross country summer schedule?  (Oh to be a freshman and have two-a-days again.  Lucky!):

Also, look how focused, young and strong Meg looks!  🙂

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