Group Running

Most of my 5 followers know I’ve been training with a group out of Chanhassen Lifetime for almost a year now.  And before that I ran virtually all of my runs alone.  I have to say, I LOVE group running.  Not only has it changed my running itself, in terms of improving my physical and mental game, but it has also put me in touch with a really great group of like-minded people.  People who understand what it’s like to be focused, dedicated and – quite honestly – a bit crazy-obsessive about endurance training.  Each of us is different in terms of our outside lives (jobs, family, etc.).  But what we have in common is our love of running. And our desire/drive to excel at running.  When most of our peers are still sound asleep, or starting to press their snooze button, our group is out sweating our asses off doing intervals or hill repeats.  But if you asked any one of us – I guarantee each would say that they wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s sort of like how Jerry Maquire felt about Dorothy :-), running completes us.  Really.

Today’s group run was awesome.  7 miles of rolling hills.  And my running buddy KH was recovering from her kick-ass tri, so I had to haul to keep up with the speedsters or run by myself.   So my 7  miles was at 7:51 pace, with with 2 hilliest miles being the fastest at 7:30 and 7:34.  Felt challenging, but SUCH a great start to my day.


Random thoughts:

  • Is every single country song about kissing?
  • Sometimes it’s best to just forgive and move forward.
  • It’s looking hot for Lola’s 5k, so I think I’ll be back to saying 5ks suck on Saturday. 🙂

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