Buffalo Triathlon: Spectating Report

I watched my first triathlon today.  SUPER cool!  It was the Buffalo Triathlon.  The start/finish is in Sturges Park, which is literally one block away from Matt Legal  (shameless plug, it’s my law office and my blog, so I can do that!)  It worked out well because I was able to get a bit of work done and some of my friends who were racing it were able to come use the bathroom instead of the porta-pottys.

 World Headquarters of Matt Legal 🙂

Transition Area – before the race 

I was so impressed with how smoothly the whole thing went.  I think I heard there were like 1600 athletes.  It never seemed crazy though.  They had like 25 waves, with the waves going out every 2 minutes.  It was fun to watch!

The Elite wave – Olympic Distance

Wave 2 – my buddy KH is in there somewhere

It was so interesting to watch the whole transition thing.  And it was crazy to watch the fast athletes come whipping down the hill on their bikes and they are like side-saddle on the bike and taking their shoes off while it is zipping into transition.  Seems dangerous just to save a few seconds!  I did feel bad about some of the bikers because the bike course starts UP a hill and tons of people didn’t have the momentum (or strength?) to get up the hill and they fell over.  Gave me flashbacks to me falling while trying to get on my bike during my maiden voyage. 🙂

My running buddy KH did the Olympic distance and got herself a nice PR!

KH starting to peel off the wetsuit on her way up to transition

Bob, another guy from my running group, took 3rd place overall in the sprint tri.  Speedy!  Must have been the donut run yesterday that fueled him up nicely to make it to the podium!

There was so much energy and excitement at the tri.  If it weren’t for the whole swimming thing, I’d definitely do one!  Even with the swimming thing, I have a feeling it won’t be too long before I’m suckered into doing one!


Grandma’s Half Marathon Training weekly recap:

Run: 44.9 miles

Biked: 56.3 miles

Pilates:  1 time (at least I did it once!)


  • M: 5.4 miles (with a 5k race PR 21:58); 12 miles biking
  • T: 4 miles (9:34); pilates
  • W: 9 miles (8:19) ( w/ 2 x 800m; 2 x 1600m; 2 x 400m speedy intervals)
  • Th: 7 miles (8:34)
  • F: Bike 17.2 miles
  • Sa: 12.5 miles (8:05); 19 miles biking
  • Su: 7 miles (9:02); 8 miles biking

Any readers doing Grandma’s half or full?  I need to start figuring out some post-race fun!


In life news, I am feeling happy and calm and have so much clarity about things.  I’m in a really good place right now.  It helps that I have 3 fun happy hours this week. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Buffalo Triathlon: Spectating Report

    1. How exciting Brad! I just went on your blog, so I know what you look like now. I’ll be watching and looking for you during the race. But you should look for me too and yell out if you see me! Do you have a goal time?

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