Random Thursday Thoughts

  • Being a parent is hard stuff.
  • I am feeling SO good about where my training is at right now.
  • I feel thankful I am healthy and can run.  My good virtual, now real life, running friend Jen has been struggling with an injury since Boston 2011 and today posted about a major set back.  So sad for her.
  • Donut run for the group long run this weekend!
  • Fun running stuff arrived in the mail this week:

My age group prize for the Lansing Marthon.  Love these little backpack bags!

LOVE me any Oiselle tee, but especially one that says “26.2 – Some Runners Go All The Way” 🙂

Another pair of Glides to add to my rotation.  Yipee!

One thought on “Random Thursday Thoughts

  1. Aren’t the bags great! I was pleasantly surprised when Spike picked up our “awards” too. Congrats again and have a great weekend!

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