First Group Cycle!

Don’t let the fear of What If prevent you from the joy of What Is. 

Love this quote that was in my daily meditation book for today!  I need to remember it and live by it.  I think it ranks right up there with my favorite quotes.

Today was a better day. 🙂  Mostly because I changed my attitude and made it be better.  And because I took this quote to heart and applied it to some things that have been bothering me.  So they are bothering me less now.  And I believe I’m in a better frame of mind to deal with things.

Today was filled with my favorite things:  alone time while sipping coffee and reading the Sunday paper; work (not my favorite, but good to get stuff done); church, which was very peaceful and full of good messages; a bike ride with friends (more details below); shopping (cute new sundress!); a bike ride into town with Carter and (soon) a glass of red wine while I take a bubble bath.


In cycling news, I survived my first ride with people!  I had been really nervous to ride with anyone, because the whole cycling thing is so new to me and I was still trying to develop a comfort level on the bike.  But I ended up going with just a few people who I know fairly well (my run coach and his wife and another runner and his wife) and who were very understanding and patient with me.  We were planning on 15 miles easy, ended up with 23 HOT (88 and sun), hilly and windy (15 – 20 mph headwind) miles.

So, things I learned:

  • Apparently you are supposed to check tire pressure before every ride and it should be between 110 – 120.  Oooops.  I haven’t checked it since I bought my bike in April.  (And I don’t even own a tire pump; must buy one).  My tire pressure was at 40. 🙂  No wonder I was riding so slow!
  • How to shift gears better/more appropriately.
  • Some of the etiquette for group riding.  The person in the front points out gravel and road kill and other hazards.  Shouting “car up; car back” as necessary to point out cars.

It was a very fun ride!  Loved it!


Grandma’s Half training recap:

Miles run: 34.7

Miles biked: 44.5


  • M: Bike 10.7 miles
  • T: 9 miles (8:24)  (w/ 12 x 400m intervals)
  • W:  6.5 miles (7:56) (w/ 3 x 60/60 mixed in)
  • Th: 8 miles (8:11); Bike 10.8 miles
  • F: rest
  • Sa: 11.2 miles (8:22)
  • Su: Bike 23 miles
Notice anything missing from this week of training?  Pilates.  Must mix that back in.

Racing a 5k tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

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