Random Friday Thoughts

Random Friday Thoughts (not quite as catchy as Thursday Thoughts, but I was too lazy busy to blog yesterday):

  • Take Your Puppy to Work Day at my law office today.  That’s the good thing about being my own boss. 🙂
  • Wow – the Madison Marathon is cancelled in advance because of the anticipated heat.  How bad would that suck to train so long for a marathon and have it be cancelled?  Although I guess better to know in advance than to start running it and have them pull you off the course mid-way like at Green Bay last week.
  • Speedy racing vibes to a running friend shooting for ultra-fast marathon time in Michigan tomorrow.
  • I wish I had another marathon on the books before Chicago.  It would be crazy to switch to the full at Grandma’s and run that in 3 weeks, huh?   I’ve done crazier. 🙂
  • Yesterday and today have been MUCH better than my horrible day Wednesday.  Time, deep breaths, good run/conversation with Coach MB, online shoe shopping and fun new things have all helped.  🙂  Next time I’m having a bad day will someone remind me to relax because it will be better tomorrow?? Thanks.
  • Ernie and Norah love eachother (sort of) now:
  • Happy Hour today with a different crowd:  Cycling Group!  Even though I’ve never actually gotten up the nerve to join them on a ride yet, I’ll join them for the drinking! 🙂
  • I need to figure out when to shift gears while cycling.  I’m scared to use the big gear on the left.  Not even sure what the heck it does.  Must figure this out soon.
  • Apparently a lot of people stalk famous runners because the following searches done in the past 7 days landed people on my blog:  “Is the runner Matt Long Married” and “nyfd Matt Long email” and “Scott Jurek nude”
  • Another search that led someone to my blog:  “Is running a marathon worth days of pain?”  This one I can answer with a resounding YES!

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