Finally, a moment of calm!

With the new puppy, having the kids AND having Norah (our other dog who alternates to the Ex’s house with the kids), this week has been absolutely crazy.  Add in some life drama and I have gotten virtually nothing accomplished around the house and at work.  I have felt overwhelmed and on the verge of breaking.  I have, quite literally, been praying for calm and peace to return.

And I believe my prayers have been answered because look at what just happened for the first time:

So I’m gonna take advantage of this and work like a madman until the chaos returns!



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3 Responses to Finally, a moment of calm!

  1. did they get their beds mixed up? norah is all scrunched up and ernie is spead out!

  2. Dory says:

    it looks like Norah has a really tiny bed and Ernie a BIG bed or are they in the wrong beds!!!

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