My New Focus: FUN

I don’t feel like I’m very focused/organized about Grandma’s half training.  Probably because I’m not. 🙂  I’m very very loosely following the plan from the Grandma’s website.  This week running with the group (translated:  being social) seemed more important than following the workouts that the schedule outlined.  I’m ok with winging it though, because I’ve pretty much decided just to run Grandma’s half as a fun, solid race and not a crazy-all-out race.  I rarely get weekends away, so I’d rather have fun!

This week WAS a week filled with fun and new adventures.  I totally tried to pack in the fun, since starting tomorrow I’ll be confined closer to home because of the new puppy.  I actually went out 6 of the past 7 days.  Crazy, I know.  I rode a Harley.  I ate fish (walleye; didn’t love it;  only tried 2 bites, then kind of got freaked out).  I had much needed girl time with my Girls 10 group.   I saw Semisonic at a tent party.  I ate hamburgers in bars 3 nights.  I drank too much wine and beer.  And more fun stuff. 🙂  It was a great week, socially.

Fitness stuff was good too.  I would have liked to bike more, but see the preceding paragraph on why I didn’t have time!


  • Miles run:  39.6
  • Miles biked: 45.5
  • Pilates: 2 times


  • M: 6.3 (8:12) w/ about a mile of short sprints mixed in
  • T: 5 miles (9:24)
  • W: 5.6 miles (7:50) w/ 3x800m at faster than 5k pace; 19 miles biking; pilates
  • Th: 8.1 miles (8:39); pilates
  • F: rest
  • Sa: 9.3 miles running, w/ 5k race (22:20); 15.3 miles biking
  • Su:  5.3 miles (9:04); 11.1 miles biking

Stay tuned tomorrow for update on puppy’s first day!

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