Looking for the positives

I was going to title this post “5k’s Suck” and blog about how hard they are, how they hurt, how your lungs burn and how I would honestly rather race a marathon than race a 5k, but I realized that I already did a blog post called “Newsflash: 5ks Suck” a couple years ago and I also thought that I should probably be a little bit more positive. 🙂

So I’ll try to just focus on the positive from yesterday’s Celiac 5k race:

  • I got a PR.  (Only a 14 second PR, not the 2 minute PR that I wanted and think I am capable of)
  • I got 3rd place female.
  • I got to talk with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, who I have missed greatly (once your divorced are they still in-laws? or ex-in-laws?  Whatever.  It was good to see them.)
  • My 10 year old nephew kicked butt with a 23:40.  (Bet he beats me at this race next year)  It’s funny how fast little kids take off at the beginning of a 5k.  Although I should talk, I took off way too fast for the heat (75 sunny).
  • I got 9+ total miles in because I ran before and after with a friend.  So fun to have someone to run with.  It makes the time go by so fast.
  • My friend won the whole race.

So there you have it, the positives about yesterday’s 5k.  But 5ks do really suck.

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