Thoughts on The Mile, For Meghan . . .

Tomorrow is all about The Mile in Minnesota.   It’s the TC 1 mile race in downtown Minneapolis, where thousands of runners will converge to race just one short mile.  It’s the One Mile Road Championships, where elite athletes from around the country will come and try to break sub 4:00 and set a course record and win $10,000.  So exciting!  Virtually everyone from my running group is racing it.  And then drinking beer. 🙂  If I didn’t have a bar association function, I’d be racing it. And then drinking beer. 🙂   Many of my running friends are trying to run crazy fast – we’re talking sub-5:00.  And that is great.  And I will be rooting for them.

But the runner that I will be rooting for the most when she runs The Mile tomorrow isn’t running with the crowds downtown.  Tomorrow, with all of my heart, I am rooting for my daughter Meghan, as she runs in Dassel-Cokato at her conference track meet.  She is one of 3 varsity runners, running for Mound-Westonka High School in the mile.  She isn’t their star runner.  But she is good.  She is better than she thinks.  She is only 14 and in 8th grade.  And she wants, more than anything, to be able to letter in track.  And tomorrow is her last chance.  To do so, she needs to run The Mile in 5:55.  Her PR is 6:11.  I think she can do it.  For the first time all year, SHE thinks she can do it.  She has a plan.  She has her splits written down.  She has confidence.  She has determination.  She has drive.

And, for what it’s worth, she has her #1 fan rooting for her every step of the way.

Goofing around with my gorgeous, dramatic, fun daughter Meg!

Run strong and smart, Meg.  Leave everything out there.  You are a fabulous runner and an even better person.  I love you. XOXOX.  Heart Guy. 🙂

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