Signing up for more pain!

How come racing a 5k sounds more painful and less fun to me than racing a marathon??  It’s a necessary evil though, in my quest for a speedier half marathon time.  So in addition to the Celiac 5k (this weekend), I registered for the Brian Kraft 5k on Memorial Day.  Ouch.  At 22:35, my 5k PR seems very soft – it’s from over 2 years ago.  That’s a 7:17 pace.  My plan for Saturday is much faster than that. 🙂   (BUT – the course that the Celiac 5k is on has measured crazy long the past two years, so unless they figured it out and measured it properly, I may have a pace PR, but not an actual time PR on Saturday.  Stay tuned).

In other exciting news, I am officially a bad ass Harley rider now.  Surprisingly fun! 🙂

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