Baby Steps

Baby Steps with the biking.  Today I: biked further than I ever have (19 miles); biked on the road, instead of the bike trail; biked on hills.

Holy crap did my quads burn from the hills!  It’s funny how you can consider yourself to be in such great shape – until you try a new activity that uses your muscles in a different way. I love it though – this is going to be so good for me!

I also can’t believe how hungry I am today from running (speedy stuff, but only about 5.5 miles total) and from biking (19 miles).  I need to figure out fueling on the bike.  I think I probably should have eaten something during it because by the time I was at the end, I was sort of dizzy and faint feeling, which isn’t ideal when I’m clipped in on a bike. 🙂


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