Random Friday Thoughts

Random Friday Thoughts:

  • I can see how cycling would motivate one to watch what they eat.  I tried on, and bought: shorts, jerseys and a tank today.  DANG are they form fitting.  Which I get, because of the whole not-wanting-loose-clothes-because-then-the-wind-that-comes-with-speed-will-catch-in-them-and-you’ll-balloon-up-and-slow-down thing.  I am normally not one to worry about my weight or how I look in clothing, but DANG am I self conscious in spandex.  Especially spandex with padding in the crotch and ass.
  • We do “Free For All Friday” at our house.  Which basically means I let the kids play as much video games and watch as much net flix as they want, while I do my own thing (i.e. blog and drink wine).  I LOVE Free For All Friday. 🙂
  • I need a cleaning lady.
  • Only 10 days til I get my puppy.  Yikes!  Truthfully, I’ve been loving life lately and I’m a bit nervous about the adjustments that the puppy will bring.  But he’ll be cute and so it’ll be worth it, right?
  • I’ve been doing better this week about just living in the present.  Not worrying about the past or wondering about the future.  It’s still hard for me not to over think things, but I’m trying to resist.  And it’s working, for the most part.
  • I’m trying something next week that is scary for me.  But it’s the Year of Cindi, so it’ll all be good.
  • Sometimes people think things are complicated.  And they really aren’t if you just stop over thinking and go with what feels right.  You all know I am a BIG believer in things happening in the way they are meant to be.   I feel like I’m watching that play out in various ways in my life right now.  Stay tuned.
  • I’m rethinking running the half marathon without my garmin tomorrow.  I feel like I NEED my data.

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