Running Genes

I LOVE watching Meghan run.  She reminds me of me.  She is so determined.  She gets very anxious for days before a big meet.  She works SO hard.  And she has improved SO much.  She lacks confidence though.  If she could get the confidence down and realize how good she really is, she would do even better.  I think part of it is because her running, for the most part, with the older kids (she is only in 8th grade).  I think this motivates her, but also maybe intimidates her a bit.  I think she feels like she is supposed to be behind them. Once she realizes she can actually kick their butt, all will be good. 🙂

Meg is the curly haired speedster in black.

In tonight’s meet each school only ran 2 individuals in the 2 mile.  It was their speediest senior and Meg.  I could not have been more proud of her! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Running Genes

  1. It’s so fun to watch your own kid improve in running. My boy & I finished w/in a minute or so of each other in our first 5k, the month he turned 13. Now he runs Division I. The day will come, Cindi, when Meghan will be beating you! (and part of you will be sad, but most of you will love it)

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