On Not Eating Fish . . .

I went to happy hour and dinner tonight with a (sort of) new friend.  I got the usual:  carbs with a side of carbs (i.e.  pub pretzels, chocolate cake and beer; the dinner of champions!).

My friend got fish.  And he asked me if I wanted any and I declined and said I don’t eat fish or any seafood.  Which led to the inevitable, “Why don’t you eat fish or seafood?”

And, the truth is, I don’t know why.  I just stopped (or never started?) when I was a kid.  And then it became one of those things:  I don’t eat fish.  So, in typical Cindi fashion – I just have stubbornly refused to try it.  Probably because to do so, and like it, would be to admit that I was wrong and that I was an idiot for wasting 30+ years of my life not eating fish.

SO – since this is The Year of Cindi, I think I’m gonna try fish or seafood.  Soon.  Like this week.  Why not?


And in other running news, which is sort of comparable to eating fish, I’m going to run the Maple Grove Half Marathon this weekend NAKED.  (Control yourselves:  I mean without my garmin, which you all know I’m addicted to).  Why not?  

I’m seriously getting out of control here. 🙂

2 thoughts on “On Not Eating Fish . . .

  1. My advice to you on eating fish is to start small, like tilapia. It’s a white fish and isn’t a very “fishy” fish like salmon can be. I used to avoid seafood like the plague for no reason and then one day I gave in and finally tried it and now I think I’d pick it over anything else! (Well except a cupcake.)

  2. Maria Pfeiffer

    Go with something mild to start, a nice light white fish like cod … and then let me know when you’re ready for sushi!! 🙂

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