Seattle City Running Tour Review

While I was in Seattle I did the Seattle City Running Tour.  SO interesting and fun!  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an active, interesting way to see Seattle.  I had heard of City Running Tours prior to my trip, but I’d never done one.  They do running tours in major cities across America.  Since I was going to be in Seattle by myself, and knew I’d be wanting to run, I thought this sounded perfect.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.  Turns out that on this particular day in Seattle, there weren’t a whole lot of people wanting to do a running tour.  In fact, it was just me!  Perfect (and bargain, because I still just paid the group rate, but got my own personal tour!).  Although the group thing would have been ok, this was even better, in my opinion, because then we didn’t have to crawl at a super slow pace.

So, my guide was Dennis, a local runner who heads up the Seattle City Runner Tour.  He was great.  We ran at a decent pace, but stopped frequently on corners and at attractions so that he could tell me about what we were seeing.  I saw SO much and learned so many interesting things about Seattle and it’s history.  Things that I would not have known about and things that we would not have been able to see (very well) on a typical bus tour, since we were on foot.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Pike’s Market

Gum Wall!  (World’s second germiest attraction)

In front of public library (cool building!)

In International Park (I forget what it’s called)

Goofing around outside of Safeco Field

Me and Dennis outside of Safeco Field

Waterfall Garden

I would definitely do a City Running Tour in other cities across the country.  In fact, I think I’ll even sign up for the Minneapolis one because I think it would be fun to see what they are pointing out to tourists (and I’d probably even learn stuff that I don’t know about Minneapolis!)  Highly recommend the Seattle City Running Tour!

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