Leap of Faith

High Falls – Pigeon River MN Canada border

Photo credit:  My brother who is loving his new camera!

As marathoners, we are very plan oriented.  We do what logic, the experts and the rules tell us to do.  We slowly increase our overall mileage so we don’t get injured.  We run our training runs at certain prescribed paces, so that our bodies are conditioned to respond a certain way.  We follow hard workout days with easy days, because that’s what the experts tell us we are supposed to do.  We follow a schedule to a T, so that our bodies peak on race day.  When we race we try to keep each mile at a pace that our training tells us we should be at.

Sometimes you need to say fuck the plan, I’m taking a leap of faith and doing what my body and my heart are telling me to do.*  It may not work out.  But, it may work out to be the best thing you ever did.  But, unless you take the risk and the leap of faith, you will never know what could be.

Emily took a leap of faith at the Eugene marathon this weekend and smashed her PR by 27 minutes and ran 7 minutes faster than her “best case” scenario – running a 3:08:xx!  If you want to be inspired by Emily’s leap of faith, read her race report on her blog here.  Truly very inspiring.

*This applies equally to life, not just marathoning.  Sometimes taking a leap of faith and not following the rules and logic and the way you had in your mind that things are supposed to be, ends up being the right thing.

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