Running Away From Me

Marathon recovery week, #1

  • M: rest
  • T: rest
  • W: bike 8 easy miles (no falls!)
  • Th: rest
  • F: pilates
  • Sa: pilates
  • Su: 5.2 miles (9:09)

My first run back yesterday was the best first post-marathon run ever.  No creakiness or soreness.  Right towards the end of my run my right hammy felt a little tired.  But no worries.

I normally love running because it is my me time and gives me a chance to slow down my thoughts, process them and figure things out.  I don’t ever run with music because I like sorting through the thoughts in my head.

This morning’s run was different for me.   In a good way.  Strange to describe, but this morning’s run was all about me running away from me and my own thoughts.  And it worked.  For 53 minutes I stopped thinking and processing.  And it was exactly what I needed.


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