New Experiences

Bonding with the Sibs

Hanging with his little sister

It’s fun to get updates from the breeder telling me what New Experiences my puppy is going through.  Right now he is starting to eat dry food, along with mom’s milk still.   He also has an exciting new venture next week – going outside!  So cute!  I can’t wait til he’s mine.

My puppy isn’t the only one with new life experiences going on.  Fun stuff for me too. 🙂 I’m trying hard to control the type-A in me and to not over think things and just live in the moment and just enjoy.  Very fun. 🙂

Running wise, the new news is  that the girls at work decided we should do a mud run.  My initial reaction was “no way.  That does NOT sound fun to me.  It’s too close to my first duathlon and it’s just weeks before Chicago Marathon, so I don’t want to hurt myself. ”  But then I reminded myself to not over think things and live in the moment. 🙂 So, a mud run that bills itself as combing “rugged terrain and burly obstacles” is on the schedule for September 15th.  Yikes!

I feel really really good.  Easiest recovery from a marathon yet.  Hardly any residual soreness left.  I biked 8 easy miles yesterday (no falls – yeah!).  I’ll still wait til Sunday to run, but I am dying to get out there!

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