For the Marathon Moms

The way that I feel post-marathon has striking similarities to the way I felt post-childbirth.

  • You feel sore in places that you didn’t imagine you could be sore.  Enough said. 🙂
  • Epsom baths (and a little red wine) seem to be the only thing that soothe the soreness.
  • You feel frustrated because your body needs healing and so you can’t run or exercise, per coach’s (or doctor’s) orders.
  • You feel euphoric about the accomplishment of actually having run 26.2 miles (or having actually pushed an 8 pound baby into the world).
  • You feel a little bit of sadness that after months of anticipation and preparation it’s over and all you have is a medal (or a crying newborn who you can’t seem to figure out how to soothe).
  • You feel nostalgic when you think back to how great you felt running during training and for weeks after a marathon you are really off and too sore to properly run (or for the carefree days when you could go to happy hour with friends instead of abstaining from alcohol because you are nursing).
  • And the post-marathon (or baby) blues often set in and you really can’t explain to others why you are feeling down.  You just are.
  • But, mostly, you feel blessed that God gave you the ability/determination/drive to finish another marathon (or that He gave you a miniature version of yourself to love and cherish).

Any other marathon moms out there feel the same way?

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