The Truth About Post Marathon Recovery

Here is how I recover for one week post marathon:  I eat like shit – loads of crappy food and tons of treats.  I drink too much red wine and too much beer.   I stay up late (drinking and eating).  I (try to) sleep in.  I might do a little bit of cross training or pilates, if I feel like it.  But I do zero running.  ZERO.

Why?  I’m a firm believer in taking a break from the rigors of training.  Physically and mentally.  It’s necessary to keep the body and mind healthy and fresh and interested in training.

All of this stuff – eating, drinking, not having a training schedule – sounds really great in theory.

But here is the truth:  I hate post-marathon recovery week.  I miss running.  I miss having a schedule.  I miss training.

Here’s to hoping that this week goes by fast.

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