Hello from the Inaugural Lansing Marathon!

Highlights so far:

  • I found good beer – MBC Sunset Amber 
  • The locals are all very excited about the inaugural marathon/half marathon/5k/relay.  It’s on all the news channels, in the paper and people are talking about it in bars and restaurants that I’ve been in.  I even think I have a cheering squad of my own coming out to support me tomorrow (two random locals at MBC that were stunned that I am actually going to RUN for 3 hours and 30 some minutes, who say they will look for me with the lead runners – which shows you that they have no clue about marathons to think that I’ll be in the lead!) 🙂
  • It feels cold and windy today, though the sun is shining.  I hope the wind dies down a bit for the race.  Forecast still looking good, with 39 degrees at start, 49 degrees at finish.  Winds at 10 – 12 mph NE.
  • I got my race number.  I’m lucky number 326.  I also picked up a cute bright pink Lansing Marathon wind jacket.  I’m a sucker for anything bright pink. 🙂
  • I’ve finished one book, am starting another and am going to go to a movie by myself this afternoon.  Very relaxing!
  • I sort of have my bearings, have studied the new marathon course map (behind me in this wind blown JUMBO picture!) and am ready to roll.

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