Two Sleeps Til – Lansing!

I woke up today with the Beastie Boys song “No Sleep’Til – Brooklyn” in my mind.  Totally brings me back to my high school days.  Yep, I’m old.  And I’m gonna admit it, I still like the Beastie Boys every once in a while.  And how about those lyrics?  They really treat women well.   Google it.  Still, it is a catchy little tune. 🙂

So, everyone all together now.  To the tune of No Sleep ‘Til  Brooklyn.

Two Sleeps ‘Til Lansing! 

Let’s hope it’s not No Sleep ’til Lansing!  I was talking with a running friend who was having trouble sleeping two nights before running Boston and I divulged my secret sleep strategy for marathon week.  I’ll share it with you, my 5 readers, too.   Here it is:  The entire week of the marathon, I get up at my “normal” time of 4:30 a.m.  Yep, even though I am in taper and so don’t have to run that early, I still get up that early.  Even on the Saturday morning before race day.  Why?  Because then by the time Friday night and Saturday night roll around, I’m exhausted and can fall right to sleep.  Just like a normal work week – where I am lame on Friday nights because I’m so exhausted so I crash by like 8:00!  I’m old. 🙂  It works for me.  Looking back to my earlier marathons, particularly Grandma’s 2009 where I only got like 2 hours sleep (which then negatively affects my race!), I had so much trouble sleeping on the night before the race.  I chalked it up to pre-race excitement.  But now I think it is because I adjusted my sleep schedule race week to sleep in during taper and that threw off my race night sleep.  So there you have it, the secret to a good night sleep on marathon eve.

I’m officially off to Lansing this afternoon.  And I am SOOOO excited!  For the marathon, of course (weather still looks perfect!).  But also just to get away and hang out.  I downloaded 2 books to my kindle and am looking forward to just lounging around til race morning reading and relaxing.  Again, I’m old. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Two Sleeps Til – Lansing!

  1. Mint

    Yeah! The weather does look perfect and you are so ready. Go get this one! Does Lansing have runner tracking?

  2. Nothing wrong with being old! Best of luck to you. I would recommend places to check out while you are in Lansing, but it’s been so long since I’ve been there myself. I really want to run this one next year.

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