Random Thursday Thoughts

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • The taper crazies have set in.  I feel like a slug with so much resting and inactivity.  I can’t wait for Sunday so I can run 26.2 miles!
  • I had some really good advice for a friend earlier this week.   Then last night it occurred to me that I need to follow my own advice about the very same thing.  Lesson:  Listen to myself.  I’m smart.  🙂
  • Along the same lines.  I swear I can predict the future sometimes.  I predict good things coming up. 🙂
  • Funny search of the week that landed someone on my blog:  “running a marathon naked”.  And I thought I had issues.  (And why would they end up on my blog??)
  • I found out my hotel is literally 1/2 a block from the start line of the marathon.  Love it!  Extra sleep and no worries about bag check or throw away clothes.  Just roll out the door and run.
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