Marathon Monday!

Marathon Monday!

Man do I hope that I’m running Boston next year!   It’s funny how things work out.  I was disappointed to have qualified but not made it through the rolling registration process this year.  But, with it being record heat today in Boston today (73 and sunny at start, will be mid-80’s at finish!), things maybe worked out for the best.  I ran similar conditions in Grandma’s 2009 and it was miserable.

Anyway, as you can see I’m “working” from home today, with Boston on one laptop and athlete tracking and twitter (and work email, in case I’m really needed!) on the other.

Even with the heat, everyone is so pumped up and look like they are having a great time.  Love it!

Completely different weather here in Minnesota today.  I ran 5 miles with 4 x 60/60 in 33 degrees, snow flurries and 25 mph winds.  Wheeeee!

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