For the Boston Runners . . .

Today as I was reading through all the blog posts, FB posts, texts and emails from runners who are lucky enough to be running Boston on Monday, something occurred to me.  Many of them are (understandably) disappointed with the crazy hot weather forecast that looks like it will roll through Boston on Monday.  And, truthfully, I know I would be disappointed too.  But what occurred to me was that virtually every runner who is toeing the line in Boston has already had their “victory” moment – where they ran the perfect speedy race that qualified them to be running Boston on Monday.  So even though it sucks that they each trained so hard again and likely won’t have anywhere near perfect weather to attempt to get that PR or another BQ, they are running Boston.  And for that each of them should be loving life.

I was also reminded today of my all time favorite quote:  Life is not measured by the number of breaths that we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

I have to believe that crossing the start line in Hopkinton with 25,000 other runners, hearing the screams of, and getting kisses from, the Wellesley girls [I’m SO gonna stop for that when i run it! 🙂 ], and even (especially?) running up Heartbreak Hill, will take the breath away from most of the Boston runners.  I hope that each of them are able to step back and realize that their PR will come another day and that they are able to make Monday about something even more important than shaving time off their PR:  make it about enjoying the moments that take their breath away.

Me?  I’ll be glued to my computer Monday watching the Boston Marathon, tracking my runner friends and imagining what it will be like (next year?) when I finally get to experience Boston myself.  I am especially excited for my running twin Kristy, who is running her first Boston on Monday and who could not be more deserving of toeing the line after 10 years of hard work to get there.

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