One Day!

Who guessed that I wouldn’t even last one day without red wine and dessert?

Notice the bottle is half empty?  I could hardly let it go to waste, so I HAD to have a glass!

And when there are peeps in the kids’ Easter baskets, I HAVE to sneak into them and eat them when the kids aren’t looking.  Zero self control.  So, once the red wine and peeps are out of the house, then I may think about abstaining for the rest of taper.

Oh – do you see the foam roller in the back ground?  At least I’m taking care of the legs.  Right hamstring has still felt a tiny bit off since last August, so I’m rolling the crap out of it.

Speed workout today.  Less miles, same intensity. 6.75 miles with 6 x 800m at 5k pace.  Ended up with very even splits (3:29, 3:29, 3:33, 3:32, 3:31, 3:29).  It felt great.  Now I just need to really think about goal time and pacing plan.  I feel like I could really really smash my PR, but the more conservative part of me says I should take it easy and just go for a more tame PR.  It’ll likely be a race day decision.  I like Kristy’s motto of running the best that she can, on that day. 

2 thoughts on “One Day!

  1. i’m so wise 😉

    for the hammie, use a tennis ball instead. much more effective than a foam roller. sit on a hard chair without padding, put the tennis ball under your right hammie, and move your right leg around while putting pressure down on the ball. i start at the back of my hammie (near my butt) and move the ball down until it’s right above the knee. hurts-so-good!

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