Cheers to New Beginnings!

I love Easter.  Not just because of the Peeps and the chocolate Easter bunnies.  🙂

As if Peeps aren’t good enough, now they are dipped in dark chocolate!

But because of all that it signifies, spiritually.  I don’t normally blog about deep things like religion, since most of my 5 readers are interested in either running, dessert, red wine or beer (or you are my Mom, who just likes keeping tabs on me!).

But this year my Easter blogging is a little bit deeper than just Peeps.

This year Easter means even more to me than ever.  Because, really, Easter is about New Beginnings.  In strict religious terms, it’s about the new beginning resulting from Jesus rising from the dead so that we could have eternal life.  But in more general terms, it’s about hope and power and grace and love.  And new beginnings.

There are moments (and, really, even entire days) where I am feeling overwhelmed by being a newly single parent to two teenaged kids.  Where I am feeling lonely.  Where I am feeling uncertain about the future.   Where I am feeling sad that things didn’t work out the way I planned (and you all know I am a huge planner!).  Even now, I have ideas in mind of things I would like, and they aren’t necessarily falling into place nice and neatly.  But I’m ok with that.

And I am not letting those moments or days of uncertainty bring me down.  Because when I really reflect on things, I know that this New Beginning that I am living must be what was intended for me.  And I just have to trust in that.  And I do.  And I am.

It’s all good.  And I am so very grateful for all that I have.


And, for the record, the two desserts that I made for Easter are DELICIOUS!  Of course, I  had to sample them to make sure they were good enough for my family.  🙂

Super Yummy Lime Bars

Black Forest Cheesecake Dessert Bars

Here’s to New Beginnings!  And to dessert and red wine!  🙂


And, because this is a running blog:  My run today was just ok.  Not great like I wanted it to be.  16 miles at about 8:38ish pace.  A few mental issues that brought me down mid-run.  But now it’s taper time, so I’m moving forward.  2 weeks til Lansing Marathon!

4 thoughts on “Cheers to New Beginnings!

  1. First, great post. You know your 5* readers care a lot more about you than just your running. So glad you are doing well and welcoming new beginnings. I look forward to all that is what’s next for you.

    But why the @*$*#*& are you unhappy with 16 at 8:38?

    That sounds perfect. It is a bit fast for me, but sounds perfect for your current training. Not ripping it up, not going to slow. Perfect taper long run. Especially the first one. Maybe it was warm or your HR was high or something??!! You didn’t elaborate. BUT most people train a good minute slower than marathon pace. So unless your goal is a sub 7:38 pace, you should probably chill. Just my $.02. 🙂

    Happy Easter Cindi.

    1. I’m not unhappy with the pace, Mindi. It just FELT off. And I had issue with focusing and thinking something wasn’t right during miles 13 – 15. I was able to finish strong during mile 16 though, so I was happy with that. And, no, my goal isn’t sub 7:38! That would be YOU! 🙂

  2. Happy Easter! I know that I am using this Easter as a new beginning for myself as my world has been turned upside down as well. So, to new beginnings all around! I could not commit to Lansing, so you will have to let me know how it is. Perhaps next year. That of course assumes I get off my fat rear end and start running again!

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