Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts:

  • If you don’t take initiative and risks, you may end out missing out on something good.  I’m at a point where I really don’t mind going after something that I want, because really, what’s the worst that could happen?  Stay tuned.
  • I’m at the very beginning of my taper, so trying to really focus on making the recovery runs slow and easy.  5.5 miles this morning at 9:10 pace.  Legs felt great.
  • My upper body is very sore today.  It sort of feels like I fell off a bike.  Twice.  🙂
  • I CAN bike without falling down.  Went 10 miles tonight.  It was on a flat paved rail trail, so no hills, no cars and best of all no falls!  Yipee!  I even stopped at a handful of stop signs and clipped out (is that the right terminology?) without incident.
  • Minor adjustments to the bike make a huge difference.  I went to the bike shop today for my “fitting” and they did a bunch of stuff (don’t ask me to explain why/what) and it made a big difference.  They were whipping out all kinds of measuring and adjusting tools:  protractor type things, a string thing, etc.  It just feels a lot better.
  • Thirsty Thursdays have resumed in the ‘hood with the return of the nice weather.  Good times.

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