Biking From The Law

Brace yourselves, readers.  We may need to rename the blog:  Biking From The Law

I bought a road bike.  A fancy one.

And I registered for the Iron Girl Duathlon in September.

5 1/2 months is long enough to learn how to ride a bike, right?

BIG shout out to Coach MB for helping me spend my money today.

I’m scared.  In a good way.

Don’t worry, I’m not trying much on the bike til after the marathon.  I’ll likely hurt myself. 🙂

Oh – and a I have a super cute black and pink helmet.  🙂

13 thoughts on “Biking From The Law

  1. Jeana Perron

    So happy for you! You will love Iron Girl if nothing else the experience is amazing! Way to go on an awesome bike!

    1. Is it? I’m seriously SO clueless about this stuff. Totally relied on my speedy, knowledgeable coach/friend to steer me in the right direction. Maybe having a cool bike will make it less noticeable what I klutz I am when I tip over from those crazy pedals!

      1. Frankie

        Suweeet ride. Yes, the Madone series from Trek is their higher end bikes. Good luck on this new venture. I love the bike much more than running

      2. Put the bike in a doorway so you can sit on it and put your feet in and take them out of the pedals over and over while using your arms to keep you upright. Plan on falling at some point. Everyone does. And don’t stick your arms out to break your fall.

  2. Sweeeeeet. Carbon fiber molded frame with STI components

    But…… you just lost a ton of street cred for being a biker. At least it is only a dualthon, and not a triathlon.

    The trails are still calling…………………

    1. Hey! Didn’t you see my pictures from my solo run the other day? I was in the woods for a bit. Although I don’t know if you’d really call it trail running b/c they were so groomed they were almost like running on a road. Someday.

  3. Brad – I tried what you suggested after my run this morning. Dang, it takes me so long how to figure out to even get my feet clipped in. I think I must be doing something wrong. I’m going back to the bike store Thursday for fitting/adjustments, so I’ll have them help me then. I was a bit worried that I’d get myself clipped in this morning and be unable to get out and be stranded by myself in the garage and unable to get to work! 🙂

  4. Haha – I didn’t notice the clips (duh). You are fancy and brave. I won’t go there yet because I know I will kill myself. I fell last summer after being unable to get a foot out of the little cage thingies! Do you have a group you will start riding with?

  5. Tina Mielke

    Love the new ride! I’m happy that you signed up for Iron Girl too! I love that race.
    Very supportive group of women of all abilities.

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