On Running Alone

In stark contrast to my fabulous group donut run yesterday, I ran alone today.

It’s funny, I used to do 99% of my runs alone, and I was ok with it.  Because, truthfully, I was running to escape life and work stress and, really, to be alone.  But lately, I want company on my runs because so much of the rest of my life is now different, now lonely.   I tried to recruit a new running friend to join me today at one of my favorite running parks, but ended up running alone.  And, it ended up ok.

Running alone today gave me time to think.  About really needing to put the past behind me.  About wanting to move forward.  About being comfortable with it just being me.  About starting to be the kind of person that I know I should be.  And, mostly, just about being ok with living in the moment and not knowing what the future holds (which, you all know, drives me absolutely insane not to have everything planned out to a T).

Running alone today made me realize I really do need to slow down.  Be patient.  Live in the moment.

Running alone, in pictures:

And, really, it’s all good.  Running alone is still running.  And that’s a good thing.

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